Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why should I choose Reframe Marketing as my marketing consultant?
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I decided to revise my marketing strategy and want do work with Reframe Marketing. What are the next steps?
Your next step would be to contact us for a free discovery session. This informal session is an opportunity for us to get to know your business better and for you to meet us in person. We have a set of standard questions we ask our prospective clients before we start work for them.

As owner of a small business my marketing budget is low. Are there solutions to make nevertheless good and impressive marketing?
We design marketing to fit your budget. Whatever you do, get professionals on the project right from the start. Keep in mind that business strategy comes before the development of marketing tools (e.g. website, brochures, etc...)

Reframe Marketing is all about measuring marketing. How can you make my marketing measurable?
We have designed internally proprietary techniques for tracking various marketing programs.

My company has been successful for many years, we have a good marketing strategy, but we can always improve. How much would a consultation cost and does Reframe Marketing offer non-binding consultations?
The cost of a consultation varies depending on what you want us to consult on. We do offer non-binding consultations. What are you waiting for, contact us.

What does ROI mean?
ROI is the shortcut for Return On Investment, simply said, it tells you how much money you get back for what you have invested into marketing.

How can I increase my ROI?
For this question we do not have a standard response. Every company is different and so is their marketing. If you are interested in more information, contact us for a free consultation.


What does "branding" mean?
In the broadest sense you can say, branding means to generate a feeling. To be precise it includes everything customers connect with a company, like the logo, a slogan, a jingle etc. The clients recognize or remember the brand, which triggers positive associations.

How important is branding for my company?
Good branding influences the purchase behaviour of the customers. Buyers tend to buy products of companies, which logo they know, instead of products from unknown, simply because they connect quality with it. In fact, if your logo is well-known, it can help you more than having 10 advertising banners.


How important is the web presence of my company?
Nowadays it is very important to be present in the web, is it own a website or on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Many people inform themselves on the internet via research. To show a professional website is the first step to making a good first impression.

Why should I operate my own website?
The internet works 24/7 all year long. That means your customers can connect with you at any time and without allot of effort. You can reach new customers easily and the newest information and offers are made public within a short time. With a website you also have the opportunity to show your best products and services to the customers and provide all the information about your company, which is not possible on a banner or a brochure.
Not familiar with web marketing? Contact us and we can consult you and provide you solutions that make operating a website easy for everyone.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs... What is that all about?
Social media has become very important in today's society, especially for young people. Therefore, also businesses have to deal with this new media. In fact, they give you the opportunity to stay in touch with your clients regularly. However, you have to consider that operating an account or a blog can be very time consuming. Once started, you have to keep it up to date to have good marketing with it, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.


I read about Karen's speaking engagements on your website. Where can I see the upcoming events and are they for everyone or are these closed events?

All upcoming events are posted in our blog.

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