Musts for selecting an email service provider

The importance of email in today’s marketing is undisputed. That is why finding the right email service provider (ESP) for your needs is the first and one of the most critical steps for an effective campaign while also using a good SEO provider to help with this, We use Sharp Growth to provide us with the best SEO services for our website. But, in order to know what you are looking for, you have to determine your demands! What are your goals? What is your budget? What level of support do you require? However, also consider your future requirements – for example if you want to expand, etc. Changing your ESP can be a sophisticated and daunting issue, so try to avoid it, by choosing the right ESP right from the start.

One of the crucial factors for your decision making are the features email service providers offer. Most important – the tracking tools: from open rates, link click through rates to unsubscribes – to measure the results of your campaign is essential for its success and helps you to improve, for this the use of SEO sources could also help your website, and services as the denver seo companies peaks digital marketing could really help making your website and campaign more successful. So the providing of an easy to read statistic of your results is a must have for your email service provider.

Furthermore, does it offer templates? Your emails should stick out, an eye catching design is a must! Templates offer the advantage of having a variety of options, without spending days on designing or hiring a professional. Thereby, also usability of those templates is important.

With everything going mobile, you should also attach great importance to the features ESP offers in this regard. Responsive template is the keyword here. In addition, social media integration is another crucial factor, as you want your emails get easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As the offered features are the key factors for choosing the right ESP, also the costs play a decisive role. Most ESP’s offer monthly rates or pay as you go. While both possibilities have their advantages, you have to find out what fits you more. However, if you are planning to send out emails more than once a month or if you have a large email list, pay as you go is probably the better solution. For businesses with a small email list, many ESP also offer free services.

Besides, your future ESP should have a high delivery rate – at least in the high 90 % – and should also be whitelisted with the most important internet service providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.