30-Day D.I.Y. Business Greening Challenge

Join us in completing the 30-day D.I.Y. Business Greening Challenge:

Day 1: Reuse scrap paper.

Day 2: Office recycling in place.

Day 3: Print double-sided.

Day 4: all paper 100% recycled.

Day 5: reduce document margins.

Day 6: recycle printer/toner cartridges.

Day 7: refill printer/toner cartridges.

Day 8: buy only EnergyStar machines and appliances.

Day 9: dispose appropriately of electronics and toxics.

Day 10: lunch room recycling.

Day 11: manage office machine energy use.

Day 12: lights off.

Day 13: examine transportation issues.

Day 14: reuse waste water.

Day 15: buy used furniture and equipment.

Day 16: Fair Trade coffee, sugar.

Day 17: put on all paper materials '100% recycled'.

Day 18: earth positive giveaways.

Day 19; participate in community actions.

Day 20: put all green initiatives in website.

Day 21: use e-fax.

Day 22: only print colour when needed.

Day 23: Use http://www.ecofont.com/en.

Day 24: Test your sustainable business IQ: http://www.gogreenplus.org.

Day 25: Read the greenwash guide: http://www.futerra.co.uk/services/greenwash-guide.

Day 26: Check out http://www.earthhourcanada.org.

Day 27: Bring your own food container when purchasing take-out.

Day 28: Recycle coffee beans in office plants.

Day 29: Bring your own mug when purchasing outside drinks.

Day 30: Give yourself a big hug for completing the challenge.


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